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    Intimidating shout wow

    The 3 free expertise when using a sword or mace is nice too. It completely negates the effects of any harmful ability when used at the same time.

    Quite difficult to pull this off but it can game-breaking. So if you see a mage pop his cooldowns and cast a Frostbolt at you while you're in a nova, Shadowmeld and he will have to re-target you and re-cast .

    As a result, warriors are not an easy option for a first time player. While they receive some disadvantages, when played well they can be just as powerful as any other class.

    They can also use different stances to affect how much damage they deal and receive and are defiantly a big step forward for RPG warriorkind.

    This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. CCWatch displays up to 5 progress per effect type (buff/debuff/CC) on targets : Stun/root CCs : [Rogue] - Cheap Shot, Kidney Shot, Gouge, Blind and Sap [Mage] - Polymorph, Frost Nova, Frost Bite, Ice Block [Priest] - Shackle Undead, Blackout, Psychic Scream [Druid] - Hibernate, Entangling Roots, Pounce, Bash, Feral Charge, Improved Starfire [Hunter] - Freezing Trap, Improved Concussive Shot, Scare Beast, Scatter Shot, Intimidation, Entrapment [Paladin] - Hammer of Justice, Repentance, Turn Undead [Warlock] - Seduce, Fear, Banish, Death Coil, Howl of Terror [Warrior] - Intercept, Mace Specialization, Improved Hamstring, Intimidating Shout, Improved Revenge, Concussion Blow [Misc] - Tauren "War Stomp", Green Whelp Armour "Sleep" effect, Net-o-matic, Rocket Helm Debuffs : [Warlock] - Immolate, Corruption, Curse of Agony, Curse of Exhaustion, Curse of the Elements, Curse of Shadow, Curse of Tongues, Curse of Doom, Curse of Weakness, [Mage] - Frostbolt, Cone of Cold, Fireball, Pyroblast, Flamestrike, Blast Wave, Ignite, Improved Counterspell [Priest] - Shadow Word: Pain [Rogue] - Rupture, Garrote, Riposte, Improved Kick [Druid] - Moonfire, Insect Swarm [Hunter] - Serpent Sting [Shaman] - Frost Shock, Flame Shock Buffs : [Forsaken] - Will of the Forsaken [Human] - Perception [Priest] - Power word: Shield [Paladin] - Divine Shield -- CCWatch : Usage - /ccw option options: on : Enables CCWatch off : Disables CCWatch lock : Locks CCWatch and enables unlock : Allows you to move CCWatch u : Update improved skill ranks print : Prints the current configuration invert : Invert progress bar direction alpha : Set bar alpha, use 0 to 1 scale : Scale CCWatch, use 0.25 to 3.0 width : Set bar width, use 50 to 300 alpha : Set bar alpha, use 0 to 1 grow : Set bar growth up, down or off config : Show up the User Interface timers : Set timers display off, on or rev (reversed) warn : enable/disable chat alerts warncc : set which communication channel to use (EMOTE, SAY, PARTY, RAID, YELL or custom) -- Known issues : - Bar reset problems Passive recurrent effects such as frost armour will not be reset as there is no easy way to know when they reset. (could be checked by matching the debuff icon and a hit from the target in the log.) - Bar sometime not showing up or staying after effect is gone Especially, the mob death message (without the exp part) needs to be quite close, hence bars will oftenly remains :/ This might be quite boring for long effect such as Curse of the elements...

    The duration of ER means you can get two massive bloodthirsts off as well.You rarely should ever even need to use ER, however, as your regular bloodthirsts should be offsetting a decent amount of damage through your normal rotation while your occasional furious charge bloodthrists should be giving you a major advantage. In fact, I always found it to be far more durable than arms.A lot of the time you probably don't even need to use those. Yeah, I never had trouble staying alive as Fury while leveling.My Char is a level 60 Tauren warrior called Pangobos. The stat differences have little effect later on in the game.I am currently doing UBRS/scholo/strat baron runs and I will pay good money for 5,6,8 of warlords. -------- Alliance -------- Humans -Perception helps against rogues but as warriors are good against rogues anyway, this doesnÂ’t help too much -The spirit bonus is small and doesnÂ’t help warriors much -The reputation bonus is always nice but nothing special -Sword and mace bonuses help but they become less noticeable at high levels and tend to make players avoid otherwise good axes.

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